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Benefits by joining AEON Wallet Cambodia

  • Promote your products and services to AEON Wallet Cambodia customers by connecting to digital world.
  • Minimize risk of handling physical cash and frauds.
  • Revenue monitoring by AEON Wallet Cambodia App.
  • Satisfying customer with digital payment by low operational cost.
  • Increase your customer sales volume by introducing discount.
  • Provide point program to your customer and customer enjoy shopping even more.
AEON Wallet Questions

Frequently Asked Question

What is a Merchant?

Merchant who accept payment of their products or services from AEON Wallet Cambodia Customer and pays MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) to AEON Wallet Cambodia service.

What is a Merchant Discount Rate (MDR)?

Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) is the fee charge per transaction that Merchant shall provide to AEON Specialized Bank that present in the agreement.

What are the benefits of being a Merchant?

  • Reduced costs and Risk of managing cash.
  • Real time collection (real time payment to the Merchant’s assigned accounts with AEON Wallet Cambodia.
  • Less cash handling and transit.
  • Less risk of having or handling fake notes.
  • Increased Sales.
  • AEON Wallet Cambodia promotes Merchants products or services by App, and giving out advertising materials.
  • Free POP and QR code
  • Free POP and QR Code sticker for each outlet with optional items for service staff.
  • Inn-App Advertising.
  • Send out messages, special deals, and announcements to AEON Wallet Cambodia users via mobile phone App.
  • Facebook Posting
  • Frequent FB post boosting
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster and secure transactions with QR Code payments.
  • Secured Cash Balances
  • All Merchants and users balances are kept and managed by trusted accounts of AEON Specialized Bank.

What are the services that Merchant can operate?

  • Receive Payment from Consumer (Cash In).
  • Convert balance in AEON Wallet Cambodia to cash with agent (Cash out).
  • Transaction Refund (Web Portal only).
  • Balance Inquiry.
  • Check transaction history (Report).

What conditions are required to become a Merchant?

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Mobile phone user.
  • Must have identifications: National ID Card or Passport.
  • Must be agreed and responsible for the AEON Wallet Cambodia terms and conditions.

Does a registered Merchant require minimum initial balance?

  • Registration does not require minimum initial balance.

Where can a Merchant make cash out transaction?

  • Money cash out are available at AEON Specialized Bank branches:
  • AEON Mall Branch (2F) , and other booths inside AEON Mall.
  • Phnom Penh Branch.

Is any fee charge for Merchant cash out?

  • If the amount of Merchant cash out transaction is up from 200,000 riel, there shall be no fee charge.

What currency can AEON Wallet Cambodia be used?

  • AEON Wallet Cambodia is in Khmer Riel basis.
  • In case of the transactions in USD, please follow the Merchant exchange rate by typing in to the AEON Wallet Cambodia Customer App.

Can Merchant make refund to customer? And when customer can receive the refund?

  • Merchant can refund money to customer.
  • Customer can receive the refund at the same day at 11:30pm after approved by AEON Specialized Bank. In case, if still not yet got approval by AEON Specialized Bank, the refund amount shall move to the next day at 11:30pm.

How much is maximum cash out transaction per day?

  • The most cash out transaction is 4,000,000 riel per day (90 times of transaction).

What should I do if I type wrong PIN Number 3 times?

  • If you type the wrong PIN Number 3 times, the system shall block your account. In that case, please go to “Reset PIN” in the AEON Wallet Cambodia App’s menu and answer the security questions.
  • In case if “Reset PIN” in the AEON Wallet Cambodia App does not work, please visit AEON Specialized Bank branchs directly or call our Call center 023 988 555 to unblock your account.
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