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Senior Risk Management

| Head Office

Job Introduction

Section: Risk Management

Direct Supervisor: Manager

Job Description

  • Ensure risk awareness to the whole business and company.
  • Create and maintain a risk register to ensure that all identified risk factors are accounted and still in effective control in place;
  • Implement annual risk assessment (RCSA), product risk assessment, and other projects.
  • Prepare and review risk management reports such as Market risk, Credit risk, and Operational risk reports.
  • Report the critical result to the supervisor and committee.
  • Analyze risk scenarios to determine their impact and its root cause on business objectives;
  • Correlate identified risk scenarios to relevant business processes to assist in identifying risk ownership;
  • Collect incidents from relating businesses to ensure proper mitigation action.
  • Communicate information, Monitor and follow up risk and incident status from relevance section to ensure the continued effectiveness of the Company’s risk management strategy;
  • Collect and validate data that measure key risk indicators (KRIs) to monitor and communicate their status to relevant stakeholders.
  • Other tasks assigned by line manager.

Job Requirement

  • University degree in Finance & Banking, Management, or related field
  • At least 2-year experience in Risk Management (Operational/Market/Liquidity Risk Management) and understanding of risk management framework and regulatory requirement relevant to risk management for bank or MFI
  • Good at English and MS Office, especially advanced in Excel
  • Able to work in the fast-moving working environment with tight deadline
  • Honest, well organized, mature, strong commitment, and good interpersonal skills
  • Proactive and self-starter person.